A Comparative Perspective on Leveraging Social Innovation in Education


Social innovation has become an emergent field to transform education worldwide. While more innovations in these programs are evident at Asian institutes, the structure of education has not kept pace with the greater demand for a future generation of social innovators. This calls for more strategically and effectively setting up knowledge hubs, bridging educational resources, knowledge, and practices so that unique issues facing Asia can be addressed. Bringing together key players from academia, intermediaries, and practitioners from South East and North East Asia, this workshop will showcase different trajectories in developing innovation programs in education, discuss country specific strategies, address various challenges, and recommend approaches moving forward.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand different trajectories in developing innovation programs in education institutes from South East and North East Asia
  • How to develop country specific strategies in transforming education structure
  • How to effectively establish knowledge hubs in your country to foster the next generation of social innovators


The Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy (ACSEP) is a research centre at NUS Business School focused on rigorous and multi-disciplinary research on social entrepreneurship and philanthropy in Asia. Through the support and collaboration with stakeholders, partners and friends, we hope to influence thinking and inspire social innovation that makes for a more vibrant, inclusive and equitable future for all.

About Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation

Leping seeks to create a society that provides individuals with equal development opportunities. Positioning itself as a catalyst and ecosystem builder for social innovation in China, Leping is at the forefront of efforts to make ideas have impact. Leping identifies and invests in individuals and organizations having scalable impact. Leping also cultivates an entrepreneurial ecosystem to drive sustainable change by building a cross-sector global community that embraces a range of knowledge products and supports the growth of social entrepreneurs.