APFx Policy Lab: Driving knowledge and experience towards action

In 2018, AVPN launched APFx: Policy Exchange for Impact to bring policy initiatives closer to private sector social investment, impact investment and philanthropy. AVPN is excited to work more directly with several high-impact policy initiatives from APFx that are seeking collaboration with AVPN members and partners.

Policy initiatives featured in this interactive session will come from across Asia and will be workshopped “live” for further refinement, input and suggestions with the conference delegation.

Join the policy champions leading these initiatives as they seek solutions and ideas from the social investment community on new opportunities for collaborations that will support these policy initiatives to fruition.

Since this will be an interactive session with facilitated discussion, we would like to invite all delegates to view the Fellows’ presentation in advance and come prepared with specific questions.

Fellows Presentations

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the variety and complexity of policy initiatives that affect the impact from social initiatives
  • Identify opportunities and challenges for social and impact investment to collaborate with policy initiatives in various themes/regions
  • Experience first-hand engagement with policy leaders to co-create solutions that advance development outcomes