Creating shared value across corporate strategies

Could improving employees’ mental health contribute to improving productivity? Could hiring within local, underrepresented communities add a diverse perspective to a business strategy? The Shared Value philosophy addresses how collaboration between social enterprises and corporate entities can create combined societal and economic value.

In this session, delegates will be able to experience the success stories of corporations such as Singtel, Hilton, Essilor and Cargill in embedding social impact in their business strategy. Join the global wave that is redefining capitalism’s role in societal and economic progress.

Key Takeaways

  • Realise social impact goals and business strategy goals are not separate but common goals
  • Learn about existing Shared Value models that involve corporate entities and social enterprises creating results from a social and economic standpoint
  • Redefine approach from achieving social impact goals and business strategy goals separately, to thinking of models that can share these values.

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