Developing impact certification policies in Asia: Market case studies

Business models structured to embed social purpose in their DNA are emerging in Asia. The introduction of new laws, accreditation and certification processes are the first steps in establishing legal and regulatory frameworks for these models to collaborate with private sector, civil society and the public.

This session will be an opportunity to not only reflect on the progress, similarities and differences between the various policies in Asian markets but also delve deeper into the investor perspective on the implications to their investment strategies. Through this session, we aim to surface recommendations for the policies to evolve, so as to unlock more impact capital for these new “impact enterprise” business forms.

Key Takeaways

  • How do the investor community, economic and market stakeholders and other parts of government navigate and optimise the value of legal forms for impact businesses?
  • How have these new business forms and accreditation systems and processes affected the growth of impact enterprises?
  • What needs to be done to enhance the impact of these structures?