Enabling Women’s Economic Empowerment at scale through digital solutions

A lack of access to inputs and support services, business skills and financial literacy as well as knowledge of and engagement with markets often act as barriers to realise the economic participation of women and the development this can bring to the women and their communities. New digital platforms, both as markets, and as support models, show promise in providing alternate, scalable routes to livelihood opportunities and economic participation for women. This session brings together leaders from mainstream internet and mobile businesses, women-owned enterprises, philanthropic funders and mainstream finance organisations, to explore the opportunities to integrate and scale women’s economic empowerment through jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities in mainstream value chains.

Key Takeaways

  • How can Internet/Mobile businesses and other mainstream businesses better integrate women entrepreneurs in the Asian context to address failures in market linkages, demand, and add layering of other essential services for the development of women-owned enterprises?
  • How do we incentivize the market to actively design and innovate towards providing empowerment effects? How can we drive denominator thinking as a business case?
  • Market solutions have rarely found a large-scale way to create livelihoods, mostly focusing on increasing the value added by their models. What is the value proposition of integrating the e-commerce and women-owned enterprise value chains?