AVPN – SEED Climate Finance Lab Workshop

10th June 2020 12:30pm Singapore Time

Session Highlights:

  • SMEs are economic engines in both developed and developing economies, and have a foundational role to play in the climate challenge in the years ahead. Their success and sustainability depend on the right climate finance solutions. This session focused on building such solutions for the missing middle financing gap.
  • The session showcased 4 climate finance solutions/instruments using the “Climate Finance Solution Blueprint” – which allowed participants to provide real time feedback from a diverse group including social purpose organisations from the AVPN’s Climate Action Platform.
  • The lab also addressed how these solutions can be scaled up and applied across geographies. Discussions culminated with identifying core gaps and actions required to further develop these solutions.

Important Disclaimer

Session Description

Spaces are limited and you are encouraged to register for this session.

This financing lab workshop will be conducted at the AVPNs 2020 Virtual Conference. It will engage new stakeholders to take stock of the current landscape of climate finance and climate-smart SME financing solutions from across the region. Ecosystem stakeholders will be engaged to review progress on delivering targeted financing solutions and explore opportunities to further leverage the role of climate-smart and socially inclusive enterprises in climate action through catered financial products and access to finance mechanisms. This lab will culminate in the identification of core gaps and corresponding action areas for further climate finance solution development, in particular during the multi-step SEED Practitioner Labs Climate Finance 2020 cycle taking place in India and Indonesia in partnership with AVPN.

The workshop will engage with stakeholders interested in methodology and gaining clearer understanding of needs for solution development/refinement during labs process, simultaneously map action points for future refinement/development of targeted financing solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • What are the major financing challenges facing “missing middle” climate-smart enterprises as they look to attract scale-up capital
  • What opportunities are there for global, regional and national level commitments to climate action and available climate finance present to develop targeted financing solutions that increase investments in SMEs offering climate change adaptation and mitigation solutions in emerging markets
  • How can stakeholders collaboratively (with the input of beneficiary SPOs as well) strengthen innovative mechanisms for delivering climate finance and “missing middle” SME financing


Mirko Zuerker

Moderator: Mirko Zuerker

Head of Asia SEED

Maggie Sloan

Moderator: Maggie Sloan

Enterprise Support Advisor SEED

Santosh Kumar Singh

Santosh Kumar Singh

Associate Partner Intellecap Advisory Services Private Limited

Neha Juneja

Neha Juneja

Advisor Climate Future Action

Vikash Jha

Vikash Jha

Senior Manager - Investments Villgro Innovations Foundation

Phyu Hninn Nyein

Phyu Hninn Nyein

Head of Operations Proximity Designs

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