Bridging the Divide Between Climate and Gender Finance

9th June 2020 8:00am Singapore Time

Session Highlights:

  • The pillars of gender and climate are interconnected yet largely operate in silos. To promote more work and outcomes through this dual lens stakeholders on both sides must actively seek out alliances and share required knowledge and tools. This must also include the voices of women on the ground who are addressing climate change.
  • The panel highlighted opportunities that have been created for women in an increasingly digitised post-COVID world. Panelists felt that it will be crucial for stakeholders working on gender issues to consider how technology can be best used to include and amplify women’s voices, and ensure that certain groups are not sidelined.
  • The business world is largely driven by financial outcomes, and therefore it is important for stakeholders advancing gender issues to create buy-in by demonstrating a strong business case for incorporating gender in business decisions.

Important Disclaimer

Session Description

The COVID-19 pandemic gives us a glimpse of how large scale climate change will affect us, pointing to the need to “build back better” to promote resiliency for the health of people and the planet. Women are at the forefront of disaster response, yet also need to engage in and benefit from climate mitigation and adaptation programs. To be effective and transformative, climate action must promote gender equality. Funders that identify climate change as a critical focus of their investments can achieve social, environmental and financial returns with a gender focus.

The session will provide insights on why and how to invest at the nexus of gender and climate, through discussions with both climate and gender funders.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the current state of the gender and climate finance ecosystem
  • Understand the perspectives of climate funders and gender lens investors and the rationale for linking the two
  • Identify opportunities for gender equality throughout climate investments or Demonstration of investments that achieve gender and climate outcomes


Jeannette Gurung

Moderator: Jeannette Gurung

Executive Director & Founder Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (WOCAN)

Virginia Tan

Virginia Tan

Founding Partner Teja Ventures

Joanna Messing

Joanna Messing

Executive Director Growald Family Fund

Katie Turner

Katie Turner

Senior Director, Global Programs MEDA

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