Driving Sustainable Finance Towards a New Economic Model

12th June 2020 3:30pm Singapore Time

Session Highlights:

  • In recent years there has been a significant shift towards impact and ESG. The main drivers have been attractive returns, sustainability threats, regulatory pressures, and investor/consumer demand. With the COVID-19 crisis there has been a magnification of this trend with an increase in funding towards the UN goals for developing markets.
  • The panelists believed that blended finance coming from different sectors was critical to meet the capital needed for the SDGs (2.5T annually). This collaboration will also allow for combining expertise, which can create higher impact while minimising risks.
  • Panelists touted sustainability and technology as continuing trends to look forward to. Today 1 out of every 4USD has some element of ESG or sustainable finance component and this is likely to increase. Meanwhile, the panelists felt that technology would be one of the driving forces allowing for more far reaching impact as it allows for more accessibility than ever before.

Important Disclaimer

Session Description

2020 ushers in a decade of action and delivery. To achieve the agenda for UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, we need to address the financing gap which is estimated to be at $5-7 trillion per year. Sustainable finance has gained significant momentum across the world – a growing number of institutional investors are rising to the challenge by incorporating ESG into their capital allocation as well as structuring innovative financing solutions such as blended finance and sustainability bonds. In this session, we will highlight global trends in sustainable finance and explore how private sector investments can be mobilised to drive sustainable development and address the challenges facing the world today and in the future.

This session will start with a fireside chat between José Viñals, Group Chairman of Standard Chartered PLC and Naina Subberwal Batra, Chairperson and CEO of AVPN.

Key Takeaways

  • Highlight global trends in sustainable finance
  • Explore how private sector investments can be mobilised to drive sustainable development
  • Discuss how sustainable finance can play a role in addressing the challenges facing the world today and in the future the challenges facing the world today and in the future


Harvey Koh

Moderator: Harvey Koh

Managing Director FSG

Jean-Philippe de Schrevel

Jean-Philippe de Schrevel

Founder and Managing Partner Bamboo Capital Partners

Daniel Hanna

Daniel Hanna

Global Head of Sustainable Finance Standard Chartered Bank

Alix Burrell

Alix Burrell

Principal Investment Specialist Asian Development Bank

Access session resources

  • Standard Chartered has surveyed high net worth (HNW) and affluent investors globally to understand investor behaviour, changes in attitudes as well as predictors and barriers of interest in sustainable investment. Click here to view the key highlights from Standard Chartered Bank’s annual Sustainable Investing Review 2020.
  • Standard Chartered Bank's Opportunity2030 gives an overview of where investments could have the greatest impact in contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Learn more here.
  • Learn about Standard Chartered Bank's Green and Sustainable Product Framework here.
  • Take a deep dive into Asia’s four largest economies to understand how innovation in sustainable finance is helping mobilize private capital at scale to solve important social and environmental challenges. Learn more here.

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