Investing for Impact Across Your Portfolio

12th June 2020 6:00pm Singapore Time

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Session Description

As impact investing is becoming more mainstream across Asia and there are several investors who have been leading this movement. Annie Chen of RS Group and Doug Lee of D3Jubilee Partners have played pivotal roles by bringing impact investing to Hong Kong and South Korea and have gained an incredible amount of knowledge along the way. Join AVPN and Toniic for this session to learn from pioneers in the Asian impact investment space as they share their journey to impact and the key lessons learned along the way.

Key Takeaways

  • Hear how our speakers started their impact journey as they discuss their challenges and their learnings
  • Gain a deeper understanding on how to achieve impact depending on the asset class including the role for venture capital.
  • Learn how impact portfolios fared in comparison to traditional (financial return-only) portfolios in light of the recent volatility in the market


Cindy Ko

Moderator: Cindy Ko

Asia Representative Toniic

Annie Chen

Annie Chen

Chair RS Group

Doug (Duckjun) Lee

Doug (Duckjun) Lee

CEO D3Jubilee Partners

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