Nourishing Asia: Scaling Impact at the Intersection

8th June 2020 3:00pm Singapore Time

Session Highlights:

  • An underlying narrative of this session was that nutrition needs to be part of the COVID-19 response. The pandemic crisis is already discriminating against people living in poverty as well as women and girls because malnutrition is one of the largest contributors to a weakened immune system.
  • Cross-sector partnerships were discussed as a key catalyst to improving nutrition. Panelists raised questions around how to better engage with the private sector who have the biggest chance of influencing food systems and consumer behavior change.
  • Speakers highlighted the importance of public-private partnerships and advocacy for policy change as governments have a major stake in nutrition. “If you get nutrition right your dollars go further on all other social issues.” – Martin Short

Important Disclaimer

Session Description

By the time a child turns three, his or her brain has grown to 80% of its adult size. The lived experience of a child during the first 1,000 days of life, from conception to their second birthday, presents both tremendous potential and immense vulnerability, contributing to lead-on consequences that are felt into adulthood. Worldwide, an estimated USD 3.9 billion is spent annually on supporting solutions to combat malnutrition among women and children, a far cry from what is needed to meet global standards, estimated to require an additional USD 6.9 billion per year until 2025. One thing is certain, now, more than ever, the need for funders who are both responsive and cognisant of the intersectionalities and far-reaching impacts of nutrition in crises is becoming increasingly apparent. In this session, hear from funders who have engaged innovative solutions expressing a commitment to i) taking a novel approach to engaging the communities within which they work; ii) taking advantage of multi-stakeholder partnerships to scale impact, and; iii) ensuring the sustainability of the programme.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the potential for integrating nutrition outcomes into existing strategies in climate, gender, and WASH
  • Lean more about ways to leverage public and private partnerships to scale impact in nutrition
  • Understand the importance of developing solutions that are cognisant of both short-term and long-term outcomes and impact


Arnav Kapur

Moderator: Arnav Kapur

Lead-Partnerships, India and Southeast Asia Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Yannick Foing

Yannick Foing

Global Director - Nutrition Improvement DSM Nutritional Products

Martin Short

Martin Short

CEO The Power of Nutrition

Mandana Arabi

Mandana Arabi

Vice-President Global Technical Services and Chief Technical Advisor Nutrition International

Access session resources

  • This Sight and Life Special Report on Maternal Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation (MMS) compiles and curates the latest evidence base, experience from the field, and resources for scale-up as a resource for decision-makers and implementers, thereby driving the introduction and adoption of MMS. Learn more here.
  • Learn more about how nutrition is being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and explore ways of collaborating with Power of Nutrition via their COVID-19 Appeal platform
  • Understand the investment case for nutrition and learn more about how Nutrition International is mobilising it's resources to combat malnutrition here
  • Explore Nutrition International's Strategic Plan & Investment Case 2018-2024 here

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