Public-Private Solutions Sandbox

12th June 2020 3:00pm Singapore Time

Session Highlights:

  • Blended Finance was discussed as an alternative investment that supports a project before it reaches full commercial viability. By tapping into philanthropic capital, it provides the opportunity for engagement of mainstream capital at earlier stages.
  • Public sector financing requires multiple levels of assessments and has huge limitations. A case study was explored on impacts and risks faced in mobilising finance from government and private sector, and understanding the importance of adjusting risk-return profile to scale sustainable projects.
  • Green sukuks are increasingly popular and were shared as a viable financing alternative compared to traditional fundraising methods. Green sukuk are shariah compliant securities backed by an underlying pool of assets. In contrast with traditional financing methods, green sukuk provides assurance that the money will be used for specific purposes. In this case, to contribute to the development of green financing.

Important Disclaimer

Session Description

Spaces are limited and you are encouraged to log in early for this session.

The Solutions Sandbox which aims to bring together public and private sector participants to discuss various climate financing models. This session will explore the scalability and adoption challenges of these different tools and discuss the role of public-private engagement if uptake is to be advanced in regions with the most pressing climate action needs.

The Sandbox will comprise 3 parallel discussion groups. Each group will discuss a pre-selected financial instrument that has been identified for its potential for cross-sector discussion and will bring together potential investors and issuers of these tools, including asset managers, multi-laterals, banking institutions and corporates with policy representatives across Asia-Pacific. To encourage more action-oriented discussions, the facilitator will also aim to surface the opportunities for deeper public-private collaboration for the advancement of this tool.

Key Takeaways

  • Bring together local, regional and international agencies to discuss their experience in improving access to climate finance that can positively impact a wide range of vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Showcase public-private engagements that have led to the acceleration of climate solutions


Bernadette Resurrección

Moderator: Bernadette Resurrección

Senior Research Fellow Stockholm Environment Institute

Badlishah Bashah

Badlishah Bashah

Assistant General Manager Securities Commision Malaysia

Olaf Tchongrack

Olaf Tchongrack

Regional Manager for Private Partnerships and Philanthropy (Asia-Pacific) UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency

Fakhrul Aufa

Fakhrul Aufa

Team Leader Business Development and Strategic Partnership PT SMI

Robert van Zwieten

Robert van Zwieten

Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Region Convergence

Access session resources

  • Download Badlishah Bashah's presentation here.
  • Download Olaf Tchongrack's presentation here.
  • Download Robert van Zwieten's presentation here.
  • Download Fakhrul Aufa's presentation here.

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