Scaling Excellence in Education

11th June 2020 4:00pm Singapore Time

Session Highlights:

  • Dr. Andreas Schleicher of OECD highlighted the urgency of changes needed in education to prepare learners with knowledge, skills and transformative competencies that are critical for an increasingly complex, volatile and ambiguous world.
  • Philanthropy can have a unique and crucial impact on education through evidence-based investment, impact-oriented approaches and collaborative partnerships.
  • COVID-19 is a reaffirmation of the interdependence among nations and people across the world. Scaling excellence in education is indeed a collective effort. Successful partnerships can be established on the basis of complementarity of expertise, alignment of vision, trust and mutual respect.

Important Disclaimer

Session Description

In recent years, novel approaches to improving education access and learning quality have been tested in different regions. This session will examine successful innovations in education, such as inculcating the growth mindset to students of different groups, enhancing the parenting skills of rural caregivers and building teacher and school quality. It will synthesise learnings and discuss opportunities for such local successes can be replicated in different contexts and scaled to global levels of excellence.

Key Takeaways

  • Synthesise learnings from successful innovations in education in various regions
  • Explore opportunities to implement successful methods/models in different markets, tailored to local context
  • Identify existing gaps and further potential for research and collaboration for scaling excellence in education


Francis Hon

Moderator: Francis Hon

Director, Asia Initiatives University of Chicago Yuen Campus in Hong Kong

Andreas Schleicher

Andreas Schleicher

Director for Education and Skills, and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the Secretary-General OECD

Jean Satrijo Tanudjojo

Jean Satrijo Tanudjojo

CEO Global Tanoto Foundation

Access session resources

  • Read Andreas Schleicher's 2018 book, World Class: How to Build a 21st-Century School System on the successes in education reform that can be adapted in different contexts to ensure global improvements in education
  • The executive summary of the Asia Philanthropy Circle's Indonesia Education Giving Guide gives an overview of the efforts made by philanthropists in Indonesia to catalyse productive livelihoods through education interventions. Learn more here.
  • Get an overview of the Tanoto Foundation's initiatives in education through its 2019 Annual Report here.

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