Strategically Leveraging Corporate Resources for Social Impact

8th June 2020 6:00pm Singapore Time

Session Highlights:

  • Crises like COVID-19 represent an opportunity for systemic change. Panelists felt strongly that the time is ripe to build partnerships between the private sector, social actors and development agencies, based on mutual trust and pooled resources to address a wider range of social issues across sectors.
  • Bruno Roche shared the concept of ‘economics of mutuality’ where businesses develop reciprocal relationships with key stakeholders to maximize performance, measuring human, social and natural capital with the same emphasis as financial capital.
  • Social and environmental issues provide innovation opportunities for businesses. To create sustainable solutions, the group felt that businesses must move away from purely philanthropic donations and rather invest with the full range of corporate resources into driving social impact through core business activities.

Important Disclaimer

Session Description

The way in which companies think about social impact is shifting. Increasingly, they are looking how to integrate it in their business practices and core values. These companies know that a thriving economy and a thriving society go hand in hand. In this session, hear from leading companies in the region about different and innovative ways that go beyond the well-known inclusive business models. Hear how they mobilize capital, knowledge and core business capabilities to create social impact with business relevance. Learn from their successes and challenges and explore ways in which these models can be adapted in different contexts.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand various ways corporate social impact strategies can create both business and social value
  • Understand the elements required for success and how to overcome challenges in the process
  • Explore opportunities to implement relevant models in different business contexts


Steven Serneels

Moderator: Steven Serneels

CEO & Board Member European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)

Bruno Roche

Bruno Roche

Chief Economist Mars

Jae-Ho Choi

Jae-Ho Choi

General Manager, Corporate Responsibility Team Hyundai Motor Company

Anurag Hans

Anurag Hans

VP, Base-of-Pyramid (BOP) Innovation, Market Acceleration & Operations Essilor International

Access session resources

  • Explore how business and corporate foundations, impact funds, and accelerators can strategically align to show enormous potential for achieving social impact. Read this article,The Rise of the Corporate Social Investor, from Stanford Social Innovation Review, Summer 2020.
  • Media partner, Alliance magazine, has made its issue on Muslim philanthropy free to download. The special feature explores insights into the potential of Muslim inspired giving as well as calling attention to a host of challenges. Download your free copy.
  • GameChanger Law Advisors shares highlights of the session, with key takeaways from each speaker. Read the notes here.

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