Using Collaboratives and Networks to Support Climate Solutions

10th June 2020 6:00pm Singapore Time

Session Highlights:

  • Nancy Smith of Global Friends identified collaboration as critical for information sharing and uncovering gaps at an ecosystem level. Marika Lindstrom of Unilever shared how it is critical to realise ambitious commitments towards responsible production and all panelists felt that embracing diverse perspectives was key to unlocking deeper impact.
  • Shloka Nath of ICC shared very tangible insights around making a collaborative work without feeling the need to ‘force consensus’ but rather ‘meet all the players where they are and help them aspire to the greatest level of ambition’. She also draws on her experiences of connecting a national agenda with the broader global mandate.
  • Another area where panelists felt networks could have an outsized impact is in narrative building. Philanthropy in particular, can play an important role in building narratives that pull in key stakeholders around climate action rather than push an agenda. The Global Friends’ Climate Action Pledge was touted as a useful tool for this purpose.

Important Disclaimer

Session Description

This session will include Special Highlight: Aeshnina A. Aqilani, Co-Captain, River Warrior, Indonesia.

Global warming is the most urgent challenge we face, and the changes required to deliver solutions will come not from individuals or one organisation but from Collective Action. The importance of collaboratives and networks to catalyse investors has never been more vital and this session will showcase how Asian funders are coming together to create the conditions needed for rapid and effective Climate Action.

Key Takeaways

  • How stakeholders across sectors have mobilized climate action and funding in different countries and regions
  • Global Friends Philanthropy will share how their Climate Pledge, which is working with key partners on the ambitious goal of triggering US$1 billion in new philanthropic commitments in 2020 to address climate change, can make it easier for donors new to climate philanthropy to get involved
  • The next steps that need to be taken to accelerate collective action in climate philanthropy, and how session participants can collaborate


Stephanie Arrowsmith

Moderator: Stephanie Arrowsmith

Network Development Lead SecondMuse

Shloka Nath

Shloka Nath

Executive Director India Climate Collaborative

Marika Lindstrom

Marika Lindstrom

Vice President, Packaging Procurement Unilever

Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith

Director, Climate Action Pledge The Global Friends

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