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Bridge Social Investments at the AVPN Deal Share Live Sessions

Break boundaries between capital providers and social purpose organisations to scale capacity-building efforts towards investment readiness

Year on year, the Deal Share Live remains the highlight of the AVPN Conference, bringing together a strong pipeline of capital providers and social purpose organisations (SPOs) from the Deal Share Platform that cut across geographies, sectors, and financing approaches. The Deal Share Live continues to be in a unique position to:

  • Exchange funders’ ideas and experiences in supporting SPOs across diverse impact areas
  • Showcase SPOs’ work on the ground and identify critical needs
  • Highlight engagement opportunities that will propel corporations, grantmakers, impact investors and the government sector to move capital collaboratively towards impact

This year’s discussions will revolve around 5 topics: Investment Readiness, Corporate Shared Value, Creative Economies, Disaster Risk Reduction and Inclusive Business.

To support investment-readiness, it is less a problem of capital availability and investable pipeline than a lack of a common language framework between funders and SPOs. Support SPOs in receiving relevant resources, while enabling funders to deploy their resources more strategically. Start engaging!

The private sector plays an important role in challenging status quo and innovating business models to ensure inclusive growth. A shared value approach can inspire the public and private sectors to collaborate to bring innovative solutions to scale.

What does it take to build a future-proof society? Through economically empowering solutions and the support of policymakers and funders, creative economies – social enterprises harnessing human creativity and skills for disruptive ideas – seek to alleviate unequal growth and foster dignity in communities. Check out last year’s Creative Economies Deal Share Live session!

Asia Pacific remains by far the region most exposed to natural disasters worldwide. Whilst significant funding is directed to disaster relief, less support has been given to disaster risk reduction. Unlock capital to scale solutions and foster collaborative efforts. Start engaging!

367 million people in ASEAN live at the base of the pyramid (BoP) on US$6 or less a day. Inclusive business approaches offer an opportunity for companies to uplift them and their families by engaging them as customers, suppliers, distributors and retailers. Investors will also have access to medium to large investment opportunities to grow the local markets. Start engaging!

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