Sukanya Narain

About Sukanya Narain
  • Programme Manager, Global Steering Group
More attendees
  • Will Owen Scott-Kemmis

    Will Owen Scott-Kemmis

    Design Lead SecondMuse

  • Charlotte Koh

    Charlotte Koh

    Deputy Director National Arts Council

  • Ye Yunqi

    Ye Yunqi

    Deputy Secretary General Shunde Foundation for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Tony Hulton

    Tony Hulton

    CEO, Vision for a Nation Foundation Retail Solutions Inc.

  • Aasha Pai

    Aasha Pai

    Board Director and Chair of the Program Committee EMpower - The Emerging Markets Foundation

  • Pei Yun Teng

    Pei Yun Teng

    Executive Director, Social Impact A.T. Kearney, Inc.

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