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  • Asia Pacific Director of Communications and Government Affairs, Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific Headquarters
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Abhijit Dutta is the Asia Pacific Director of Communications and Government Affairs at Kimberly-Clark Corporation. In this role he is responsible for the company’s reputation and stakeholder engagement programs in the region, which includes implementing its sustainability and social impact agenda.

Prior to Kimberly-Clark, he served as the Principal Advisor for External Affairs (Asia Pacific) at Rio Tinto, a role in which he worked closely with RT’s Communities and Social Practice teams to support the company’s License to Operate initiatives. Before joining Rio Tinto, Abhijit held a number of leadership positions at Procter & Gamble (P&G), including as its Global Lead for Public Private Partnerships. In that role he worked with multilateral development agencies, iNGOs and other aid insitutions to build partnerships that advanced the development agenda while also supporting market access and policy objectives of the company. Abhijit is based in Singapore.


Partnering with corporates for impact

25 Jun 2019

Multi-sector partnership is an oft touted priority of funders in the social sector yet it is one of the most challenging activities to master. The first half of the session will explore how corporates like Kimberly Clark and Kellogg’s has…Read More

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