Allison Reid

About Allison Reid
  • VR Solutions Architect, Equal Reality

Allison Reid serves as a VR Solutions Architect and member of the founding team at EqualReality. Bridging the gap between business and technical, Allison works in close collaboration with clients, technical artists, software engineers, and UX specialists to design and develop specialized VR training products aimed at increasing empathy and driving behavior change in corporate and government organizations. Working hand-in-hand with clients, Allison is responsible for guiding bespoke VR training products from conception to launch; while concurrently helping organizations lay the framework for integrating VR into their existing suite of learning methodologies and measuring its efficacy.

Committed to broadening the tent of VR content creators, Allison also works closely with the ER team to shape Equal Reality’s Creators Suite - a content authoring software designed to democratize the creation of Virtual Reality by making the process of creating cutting-edge VR simulations as simple as drag and drop. By fueling a feedback loop between client products and the technical team stewarding the Creators Suite, Allison works collaboratively with Equal Reality’s engineers to help match product features to market needs.

Allison holds a BA in International Relations from Stanford University, with a focus on US foreign policy and nuclear nonproliferation; and an MFA in Fashion Design from the Academy of Art University; examining use cases for immersive tech to alleviate industry harm.

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