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About Anjlee Prakash

‘Educate, Innovate and Transform’ has been Dr. Anjlee Prakash’s mantra throughout her life. A highly experienced educator she co-founded one of the most successful educational companies in India. Today, her consulting experience includes several reputed national and international organizations in addition to developmental organizations working in the education sector, Departments of Education, curriculum framing bodies and multilaterals among others.

A Ph.D. in Education, she has over 28 years of experience as a techno-pedagogic and has played a key part in developing and launching some of the most successful philanthropic ‘technology in education’ programs for partners in India.

Dr. Anjlee's experience covers a broad spectrum ranging across public enterprises to private sector, from government projects to NGOs, where her inputs on how education policy and practice can shape the future generations to be successful in their lives have been much valued.

Dr. Anjlee is the founder and chairperson of Learning Links Foundation, a Not for Profit Organization, working extensively in the education development domain. The Foundation’s mission is to empower lives and it is singularly responsible for managing and executing some of the largest education projects across states in India and countries in the region. The Foundation has undertaken the largest professional development initiative in India and to date impacted over 2.1 million educators and youth across the country.

Dr. Anjlee believes that the right of every child is not only access to education but access to ‘quality education’ and with this in mind she founded the Education Quality Foundation of India, a path breaking Not for Profit organization responsible for school quality assessment and accreditation.

Apart from playing a key role in the Not-for-Profit sector; Dr. Anjlee has greatly contributed to furthering entrepreneurship and collaboration among women through effective use of technology. In 2017, she was honored with two awards by CMOASIA;“Women Leadership Award For Excellence In Education, NGO and Coaching Sector” &“Women Super Achiever for Excellence in Education, Coaching and Consulting”.
Dr. Anjlee’s focused and continuous advocacy for a safer Internet and healthier cyber culture has gained widespread recognition for its impact. As a testament to the success in supporting the creation of a responsible digital environment, LLF was awarded the FOSI award by Family Online Safety Institute in Washington for outstanding achievement in Online Safety, 2015.

Under Dr. Anjlee’s leadership, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has signed an MOU with Learning Links Foundation with an aim to promote contemporary educational technology thinking and lead a transition to a technology-rich and standards-ready learning environment for teachers and students.

As an educationist, Dr. Anjlee has contributed to and held positions of responsibility in academic, government, non-government and corporate bodies / committees through direct participation, membership or as a consultant.

Dr. Anjlee Prakash travels extensively, participating and presenting at various national and international seminars and conferences and is well known for her contributions in the fields of educational technology and pedagogy.


Scaling sustainable education models

25 Jun 2019

Most developing countries in Asia have increased access to universal education for children, however the learning outcomes have yet not substantially improved. Often education systems are poorly aligned with educational goals. Scaling up such education systems requires a clear roadmap…Read More

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