Britt Groosman

About Britt Groosman
  • Vice President Global Climate, Environmental Defense Fund

Britt Groosman is Vice President Global Climate at Environmental Defense Fund, where she helps shape EDF’s advocacy for environmentally effective and economically sound climate policies, for a low-carbon transition at the pace and scale needed to put the world on a path toward climate safety. This includes our work on reducing deforestation with a particular focus on Brazil; our work in India on low carbon rural development and air quality; and our work in Mexico advocating for an emissions trading system (ETS).

She is an economist, joined EDF in 2008 to work on US Federal climate policy with Dr. Nathaniel Keohane, and went on to direct EDF’s Office of Economic Policy until 2011. She has wide ranging expertise in environmental policy, most notably climate and conservation policy. Britt formulated EDF’s first oceans strategy for China, and established EDF’s first European office in London, setting up a program with operations in Sweden, UK, Spain and Belgium, and was the first European Director for EDF’s Ocean program. As the lead for EDF’s work on Common Fisheries Policy reform in Brussels, she simultaneously worked with policy makers in Brussels and on the ground in various EU Member States with fishermen and local NGO partners on co-management processes and sustainable management of fisheries. Prior to EDF, Britt worked as an environmental economist at several large consultancies, lectured at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ghent (Belgium), and taught guest courses for the United Nations University Program. She wrote the entry on “Pollution Tax” in the ‘Encyclopedia of Law and Economics’ (Edward Elgar, 2000). She holds an MA in Economics from the University of Gent, an MA in the Economic Analysis of Law from Oxford University and is a Robert W Wilson Fellow on Strategic Management for Environmental Leaders from Harvard Business School.


Financing solutions to climate action

27 Jun 2019

Asia faces many challenges due to the acceleration of climate change yet there remains a critical lack of finance from across the funding spectrum, from philanthropists to impact investors who are including this sector in their social investment portfolio. This…Read More

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