Brad Denig

About Brad Denig
  • Co-founder, Syngenera

Brad Denig is the Co-founder of Syngenera and Managing Director of Innovation for Sustainability at AWR Lloyd. Brad has over 20 years of experience in corporate sustainability and climate change.

Prior to his current positions, he was a Principal Consultant, Climate Change Strategy at ERM for SE Asia; a Director of Climate Change Solutions at Ecova (now Engie Insight); MBA professor of Climate Strategy at Portland State University (PSU).

He holds an MBA in Finance and Sustainable Business from PSU and a BA in East Asian Studies from Lewis and Clark.


Deal Share Live: Empowering Green Solutions Towards a Climate-Safe Future

2020 06 10

It’s been estimated that there is $23 trillion worth of climate-smart investment opportunities that exist in emerging markets alone. This session provides an avenue to showcase 5 scalable climate mitigation solutions active in the South East and South Asian region.…Read More

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