Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda

About Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda
  • CEO and Founder, Urchinomics

Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda is a global citizen. Born in Japan, raised in Canada, studied in part in Chile, lives in Norway, and works out of the company offices in the Netherlands—he brings unique insights into cultures, people and opportunities to do good.

A consummate entrepreneur, he holds a Business Degree from Queen's University, Canada, where he also co-founded Muzi Tea, helping to introduce Matcha green tea to North America. Later as the Marketing Director of Norway Pelagic, he promoted Nordic specialty seafoods to East Asian markets and gained a remarkable appreciation of the potential opportunities of fusing technology and culture to create innovative solutions. These insights proved extraordinarily valuable during his time as the Director of Innovation at Kaston, where he cultivated numerous innovative ventures including what would then become Urchinomics.

Brian’s guiding passion for innovation, manifests in his desire to prove that for-profit ventures can be a powerful driver of positive change. With proper incentives, clear ethical boundaries and the right amount of human ingenuity, he believes restoring coastal ecosystems and creating meaningful jobs can be done responsibly, profitably, and have a sustained, positive effect on climate change through blue carbon sequestration. In short, to ‘do good’.


Deal Share Live: Empowering Green Solutions Towards a Climate-Safe Future

2020 06 10

It’s been estimated that there is $23 trillion worth of climate-smart investment opportunities that exist in emerging markets alone. This session provides an avenue to showcase 5 scalable climate mitigation solutions active in the South East and South Asian region.…Read More

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