Dr. Saleh Mubarak Bazead

About Dr. Saleh Mubarak Bazead

A philanthropist and strategist as well as an analyst who embraces the principles of exemplary leaders, Dr. Saleh models behavior to inspire others. He is also a contributor to social development and a change maker, especially for youth development. He enjoys his moment in charity works and volunteerism. Besides being a true believer in influencing the positive change through social entrepreneurship and sustainable development initiative, he is also a friendly and supportive leader who always encouraged his team to learn and grow.

In an effort to promote sustainable development, NAMA collaborates with government, partners, implementing agencies, and service providers to gather best efforts and resources to benefit the education and third sector. NAMA believes that the empowerment of the sectors is through institutional grants and partnerships building, supported by excellent project management and sophisticated result measurement.


Islamic Capital for Impact – Pathway to Achieving SDGs in Asia

2020 06 11

Spaces are limited and you are encouraged to log in early for this session. If you are unable to join via Adobe Connect, please choose the Zoom option. Your questions will be passed through to the moderator. Islamic finance has…Read More

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