Chengpang Lee

About Chengpang Lee
  • Affiliate Faculty, Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy, NUS Business School

Dr. Chengpang Lee is also an Assistant Professor in NUS Sociology. His area of research focuses on contemporary Asian societies. He is mostly interested in understanding the emergence of novelty (e.g., new organizational forms and cultural practices) and explaining the institutional change. Lee writes about technology, innovation, and education.

Before joining the department, he spent a year as a China public policy postdoctoral fellow in the Ash Center at the Harvard Kennedy School. His current book manuscript is a comparative work on the diverging outcome of medical and health reform in Taiwan and China. He collaborates with researchers to conduct a series of research related to social innovation, social enterprises, social entrepreneurship, and social impact. He is initiating a social design lab that aims to integrate sociology, design, programming, and engineering to respond to the incoming challenges faced by the next generations. During free time, he loves to do 3D printing, design new products, and learn new languages.

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