Chinh Phan

About Chinh Phan

Mr. Chinh, a French-Vietnamese, is INTEK Institute CEO.
• INTEK flagship campus offers a business-ready learning ecosystem where students are invited to learn how to learn, to reveal their talents and develop a future-ready mindset.
• INTEK learning model combines gamified project-based learning, peer to peer learning and active mentoring. It is structured around a time-to-market curated curriculum: 2.5 years.
• INTEK ecosystem rallies students, startups, industry experts and leaders in an open space environment allowing them to share experience & knowledge.
• INTEK takes advantage of online technology to reach out and speed up hard skills acquisition while maintaining physical human interactions to boost creativity, soft skills and collective intelligence.
• INTEK aims at expanding nationwide with its ‘roaming campus’ concept and makes its service offering available right where the people live and at affordable costs.
• To support its expansion, INTEK brings innovative self-sustainable scholarship scheme. Its REVENUE SHARING MODEL (RSM) gathers key economic players to form an e-sustainability value-chain addressing key SDG objectives: a) SPOs developing sustainable philanthropy b) underprivileged talents accessing quality education for greater professional outcome c) companies developing sustainable talent pipelines.

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