Colin Lee

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  • Director, Corporate Affairs, Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte Ltd
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A keen advocate for sustainable practices and the pervasive use of technology to help people and businesses thrive, Colin has been helping companies and individuals transform issues into opportunities and enhance reputations for twenty years. In his present role as the director of corporate affairs for Cargill’s oil palm plantations, Colin actively manages the business’s engagement with key stakeholders, influencing agendas in industry advocacy groups, as well as championing and influencing actions within Cargill to better serve employees, customers, governments, smallholder farmers and local communities.


Creating shared value across corporate strategies

26 Jun 2019

Could improving employees’ mental health contribute to improving productivity? Could hiring within local, underrepresented communities add a diverse perspective to a business strategy? The Shared Value philosophy addresses how collaboration between social enterprises and corporate entities can create combined societal…Read More

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