Dervla Loughnane

About Dervla Loughnane
  • CEO, Virtualpsychologist

Dervla Loughnane is the thrust behind Virtualpsychologist. Being an energetic passionate entrepreneur and psychologist with a background in IT makes her skill set well rounded and a perfect fit for the challenge and thrill of taking Virtualpsychologist, which was once just an idea now materialised into a service that has accumulated coverage to over 150,000 users in the corporate sector throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Dervla has travelled the world and witnessed the changes in communication between individuals. Dervla has always been the type of person to ‘think outside the box’ so to speak. After becoming frustrated with the mental health industry’s inefficiencies, costs and lack of effectiveness Dervla began to realise that many of the traditional approaches to Psychology and Counselling Services were confrontational, inconvenient and somewhat brought about a sense of inferiority in those who sought help through such channels.

It was at this time when Dervla realised that many who needed help might possibly reach out for such help if the services were made more accessible, more affordable and less confrontational. That’s where the idea of a modern, virtual psychologist was born. Being well into the information age with virtual receptionists, virtual assistants, virtual medical consultations and the like, it made perfect sense that a virtual psychologist was not only a great idea, but it was desperately needed.


Engaging social enterprises in corporate value chains

27 Jun 2019

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