Doug (Duckjun) Lee

About Doug (Duckjun) Lee

Doug Lee is the CEO of D3Jubilee Partners, running impact venture funds for investing primarily in Korea but also around the corner of the world. Before moving back to Seoul in 2017, he spent five years in San Francisco the bay area where he closely worked in the global impact investing community including Toniic. From 2016 onwards, teaming up with Toniic, he convenes Toniic Asia Impact Nights, an annual forum of asset owners and investors to foster impact investing ecosystem in the region.

Previously he was CFO, G Market - once listed on Nasdaq, which was acquired by eBay, and earlier a Director at Credit Suisse Investment Banking and at Citi Global Markets.


Investing for Impact Across Your Portfolio

2020 06 12

As impact investing is becoming more mainstream across Asia and there are several investors who have been leading this movement. Annie Chen of RS Group and Doug Lee of D3Jubilee Partners have played pivotal roles by bringing impact investing to…Read More

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