Edward Booty

About Edward Booty
  • CEO, Allied World Healthcare (AWH)

Edward is the Founder and CEO of Allied World Healthcare: a social enterprise building a brand-new, community-driven healthcare service model (and supporting technology platforms) to deliver healthcare services in low- and middle-income countries – integrating public and private sector. He has worked extensively in digital healthcare, patient access, financing and payment systems, business model innovation, healthcare performance improvement and pathway design, business development and new service delivery approaches across developed health economies and emerging markets - spanning the UK, Europe, India, Singapore, the Philippines and Cambodia.

Prior to this, Edward worked for the UK National Health Service (NHS) and one of the world’s largest consulting organisations.

He is a graduate from the London School of Economics.


Engaging social enterprises in corporate value chains

27 Jun 2019

DEAL SHARE LIVE While it is important to understand the role that corporates play in creating shared value, it is just as important to acknowledge and support thriving social enterprises that have the potential to forge partnerships with corporates towards…Read More

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