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  • Senior Fellow, Osaka School of International Public Policy IAFOR Research Center, Osaka University
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Fan founded Global Links Initiative with Robin Rowland in 2003, a nonprofit organization headquartered first in Tokyo and then in Shanghai that fostered practical links among social entrepreneurs around the world. In 2004, GLI first brought the concept of social entrepreneurship to China. Fan was a founding member of the China-US Strategic Philanthropy Partnership (CUSP), a leading network that promotes research, exchange and collaboration between the philanthropic sectors of China and the US, and worked with CUSP from 2010 to 2016. Fan connected and advised partnership building between two leading social enterprises in Japan and China from 2009 to 2012, which resulted in the first China-Japan social joint venture in sustainable farming.

Fan is co-editor-in-chief of the Chinese version of Stanford Social Innovation Review. She is also editor of the groundbreaking book, A New Horizon: 10 Stories of Social Entrepreneurs in China (HongKong, 2010). Her translation of Kazuyoshi Fujita’s book, Radish Revolution, was one of the best sellers of the SanLian Publishing House in 2013. She currently serves as International Advisor for LePing Foundation in Beijing. Fan is a Senior Fellow at the IAFOR Research Center at the Osaka School of International Public Policy of Osaka University, where she leads efforts to grow the East Asia Social Innovation Initiative, a cutting-edge network for research, dialogue and knowledge sharing on social innovation in East Asia.

Fan holds an MA degree in International Relations from Waseda University and a BA in Japanese studies from Suzhou University.


Building a stakeholder driven economy in Asia

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A Comparative Perspective on Leveraging Social Innovation in Education

28 Jun 2019

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Solutions journalism and the importance of storytelling

28 Jun 2019

This half-day workshop—led by Stanford Social Innovation Review’s Editor-in-Chief Eric Nee—will explore why it is important for social investors to share their ideas, experiences, and learnings with one another and with the wider social innovation community around the world. The…Read More

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