George Aikara

About George Aikara

George leads operations at United Way Mumbai (UWM) – a premier non profit organization with a vast footprint in urban and rural communities across the country. UWM has invested INR 252 crore in the areas of Education, Health, Income, Environment, Public Safety & Social Inclusion.
George has over 15 years experience in the corporate and development sector and has worked in sales and marketing positions in India and supply chain positions internally. Prior to joining UWM he was based in Africa handling, among other functions, CSR initiatives, forming strategic developmental alliances with international stakeholders, and forming SHGs among agri communities.
At UWM, he directly oversees operations, campaigns, community relations, impact assessment and investor relations. He also spearheads India’s largest philanthropy sporting event – The Mumbai Marathon. Under his leadership, the Marathon has grown to be an INR 33 crore fundraising platform bringing together over 150 companies, 300 NGOs and 1000+ fundraisers annually.
George has a strong interest and inclination towards furthering philanthropy, sustainable community initiatives and supporting the development of social enterprises.

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