Giulia Zino

About Giulia Zino
  • Head of Donor Relations, Proximity Designs

Proximity Designs is an award-winning social enterprise in Myanmar. We deliver affordable and innovative products – farm technology, agronomy advice and finance – designed to help low-income, smallholder farmers be more productive, profitable and sustainable. Since 2004, we have helped 700,000+ rural households move out of poverty by increasing their annual net incomes by US$250, and generated US$313m in additional income for rural Myanmar.

Before joining Proximity in early 2020, Giulia worked in the political risk consulting industry for a decade, holding various roles in the UK and Asia. She helped organisations invest and operate successfully and ethically in developing and frontier markets, focusing on Myanmar and South-East Asia more broadly. She advised senior stakeholders within multinational corporations, non-profit organisations and governments on political, policy and regulatory issues, and worked closely with clients to help them identify, prepare for and respond to current and emerging risks to their interests, investments and strategy globally. Specifically, Giulia advised dozens of clients entering Myanmar since the start of the reform process in 2010-11, including in relation to the country's first tenders for banking, telecommunications and oil and gas licences.

Giulia has an M.Litt in International Security Studies from the University of St Andrews in the UK and a BA in Communication and Institutional Relations Studies from LUISS University in Italy.

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