Helen Sijabat

About Helen Sijabat
  • Partnering Specialist - Philanthropy, World Vision Indonesia
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Graduated in leadership for NGOs

Working experience: World Vision (Wahana Visi Indonesia) for 35years

Special Skills:
- Sponsorship program development, management of communication and donor accountability
- Facilitator/trainer in developing an organization's capacity in partnering and collaboration as well as staff capacity and ability
to partner and collaborate
- Building relations with cross-sectors partnership and collaboration
-Resource mobilization and acquisition in particular from corporates

What projects am I working on currently?

Developing a program addressing the impact of Covid-19 to a poor community in particular with children’s health and education and multi-dimension.

What kind of expertise and resources am I looking for?

  • funding for long term program
  • access or networks for high or ultra net worth individual
  • program design specialist for multi-dimension sectors
  • Water specialist for areas in NTT, Indonesia
  • Communication and behavior change specialist in the era Covid-19

What expertise and resources can I offer to my collaborators?

  • Location/ areas of community intervention
  • community mobilization
  • a good relationship with government and local partners
  • Capable and committed staff in program management, monitoring & evaluation
  • program accountability (integrated system of finance, procurement, HR, and program)

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