Jaff Shen

About Jaff Shen

Jaff Shen is a social entrepreneur and social innovation catalyst. Over the past decade, Jaff has incubated five social enterprises.

In 2013, he introduced SVP, a venture philanthropy model, to China. It seeks to introduce innovative ways to strengthen financial markets, energize the talent market, and enhance thought leadership in the field of social innovation. Most recently, Jaff has become the Chinese publisher of the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) and has been Editor in Chief since 2017.
In 2014, Jaff was honored as Youth Leader of the Year by Southern People Weekly Magazine.


Building a stakeholder driven economy in Asia

27 Jun 2019

A new economy is shaping worldwide where socially conscious business leaders attach an equal, if not a higher, importance to being responsible for their stakeholders as shareholders. An economy driven by stakeholders, looping in employees, clients, investors, communities, and policymakers,…Read More


A Comparative Perspective on Leveraging Social Innovation in Education

28 Jun 2019

Register Social innovation has become an emergent field to transform education worldwide. While more innovations in these programs are evident at Asian institutes, the structure of education has not kept pace with the greater demand for a future generation of…Read More

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