James Diddams

About James Diddams
  • Co-Founder, DWR Offshore

Co-Founder and Technical Director of DWR Offshore with fifteen years’ experience of working in offshore oil and gas and renewable energy sectors. Prior to DWR Offshore, James joined a leading oil and gas consultancy firm in London and held the positions of both CTO and director of the Asia Pacific (Singapore) office and has a wealth of experience of managing offshore construction projects in Vietnam, Indonesia and China shipyards.

James has vast experience in engaging multinational stakeholders and partnerships. Previously as the senior management team at the oil & gas company, James and his DWR Co-Founder Tim increased company turnover by over 400% during their tenure at the company, and very successfully transitioned the business from an engineering design consultancy to a full Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor over the space of five years.

In his spare time, James trains for his first Marathon and raising money for charity. Keen advocate for restoring his Grade II listed house and raising his 3 children and travelling to frontier destinations.


Deal Share Live: Empowering Green Solutions Towards a Climate-Safe Future

2020 06 10

It’s been estimated that there is $23 trillion worth of climate-smart investment opportunities that exist in emerging markets alone. This session provides an avenue to showcase 5 scalable climate mitigation solutions active in the South East and South Asian region.…Read More

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