James Chen

About James Chen

James Chen is the Founder of Clearly (est 2016), a global campaign aims to bring clear vision to 2.5 billion people denied it as quickly as possible. His new book “Clearly: How a 700 Year Old Invention Can Change the World Forever” explains the four barriers in getting glasses on noses and shares his ideas for how we can start to tackle them.

James is the third generation and Chairman of his family’s enterprise Wahum Group Holdings. He pioneered the single-family office concept in Asia with Legacy Advisors Ltd. (est 1994) and an early adopter of venture philanthropy with the Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation (www.cysff.org) (est 2003). The Foundation’s strategic focus is on early childhood literacy, library development and education enhancement, and has supported close to 200 initiatives in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Wester Africa.

As a pioneering blended value investor, James co-founded the variable power lens technology company Adlens (www.adlens.com) (est 2005), and he is Founder and a Trustee of Vision for a Nation (www.visionforanation.net) (est 2008), an innovative programme to provide universal access to vision correction in Rwanda. Vision for a Nation is responsible for providing nationwide primary eye care to Rwanda’s 15,000 villages – a first in the developing world.

James and his wife, Su Hwei Lee, founded Bring Me a Book Hong Kong (www.bringmeabook.org.hk) (est 2006), an NGO promoting family literacy, and the Feng ZiKai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award (www.fengzikaibookaward.org) (est 2008), the first globally recognised national award for original Chinese language children’s picture books.


Fireside chat with Eileen Rockefeller Growald and James Chen

25 Jun 2019

Hear from two pillars of the philanthropic community, Eileen Rockefeller Growald and James Chen, opening up about ushering forward the next generation of family legacy and how they are leveraging catalytic philanthropy to make deep impact around the world. Moderated…Read More

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