Jonh Rey Gacura

About Jonh Rey Gacura
  • DRR-CCA Program Coordinator & Research Assistant, Guiuan Development Foundation, Inc. (GDFI)

Jonh Rey passionately advocates empowering communities for environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and ecosystems restoration as vital tool in climate mitigation and adaptation solutions. As a young aspiring biologist and environment enthusiast, he firmly believes that it is through a “ridge to reef” ecosystems restoration approach that can truly help mitigate and adapt to various climate impacts.

In his undergraduate years, he co-founded a youth organization in his hometown, Pinabacdao, Samar, that encourages the youth to partake in the protection and conservation of their mangrove forests. He initiated several mangrove tree planting and coastal clean-up activities in his community.

After finishing his degree in Biology, he immediately worked at the Guiuan Development Foundation, Inc. (GDFI) where he served as the project assistant for the “Building Resilient Coastal Communities” project in an island community in Eastern Samar. His work focused on developing and strengthening the DRRM capacity of the island community through conducting several DRRM-related trainings and supporting livelihood projects that promote and ensure food security and, at the same time, develop financial resilience of the beneficiaries. Currently, he is working as a research assistant on a sea cucumber research project and is the DRR-CCA Program Coordinator of GDFI.


Deal Share Live: Building Climate Resiliency of Frontline Communities Through Adaptive Solutions

2020 06 12

Spaces are limited and you are encouraged to log in early for this session. The impacts of climate change often disproportionately affect marginalised communities the most. They are forced to withstand the worst effects of environmental disasters and extreme weather…Read More

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