Jae-Ho Choi

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  • General Manager, Corporate Responsibility Team, Hyundai Motor Company
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Jae-Ho Choi is a General Manager at Hyundai Motors and has a broad background in both CSR and Social Enterprise. He is responsible for leading establishment and implementation of Hyundai Motor Group's social cooperation strategy as well as social enterprise nurturing business (start-up and job creation) and CSR Communication.

He has been working on various research activities related to social enterprises. He presented that "Examples and Activation of Collaborations between Corporate and Social Enterprise" at the Spring Conference of the Korean Social Enterprise Academy in 2014 and “Sectoral Collaboration Model Success Story - H-Jump School” at the New Business Model Conference, Belgium in 2018.

He majored in Polytechnic Science and Diplomacy at Kyungpook National University and holds master’s degree in Social Enterprise from Gachon University Graduate School of Business.


Strategically Leveraging Corporate Resources for Social Impact

2020 06 08

The way in which companies think about social impact is shifting. Increasingly, they are looking how to integrate it in their business practices and core values. These companies know that a thriving economy and a thriving society go hand in hand. In this session,…Read More

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