John Paul Davis

About John Paul Davis
  • Co-founder, HAUS KCH

John-Paul is a 28 year old from Sarawak, Malaysia with a background in Software Engineering.

Having been passionately involved in community work throughout his high school days, he co-founded his first NGO called The Champions right out of university. This organisation harnesses the collective power of young people in bringing about positive impact in areas of marginalised communities, education, and social development.

He balanced his community work while actively serving as a teacher in the St Joseph's High School, teaching programming and Web Development to 14 year old students.

3 years ago, he also co-founded HAUS KCH, the first creative community hub in his state. As one of the 7 directors of HAUS KCH, he is currently in charge of business development and community engagement. HAUS KCH actively seeks to improve the education process of kids in rural areas of Borneo, using art, dance and music as a medium to engage with them and keep them in school.

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