Jonathan Gershon

About Jonathan Gershon
  • Managing Partner, GPSS (Global Partnerhsip for Sustainable Solutions)

Jonathan Gershon is a Managing Partner of Global Partnership for Sustainable Solutions, a privately held international development company which provides project management, investment, and consulting services in developing regions of the world. In addition, Jonathan is a Founding Member of Indigi, a Reg D security token that provides a new investment structure which can unlock over $1T of natural resources in the Philippines. Indigi leverages the power of blockchain and smart-contract technology for a traced, verified supply chain, creating transparency, inclusive economic growth, and prosperity to empower indigenous people as stakeholders alongside investors.

Along with GPSS, Jonathan is the CEO of GPF Capital, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Global Action Platform, a leading international university-business alliance. With a focus in emerging markets, he has successfully worked with some of the worlds largest infrastructure, aquaculture, reforestation, mineral exploration, and agricultural specialists. Jonathan is an experienced board member with a strong business development background, strategy, operations experience, capital deployment, and executive leadership.

In addition to his work in international development, Jonathan is an award-winning Director, Producer and Creative Director, with over 15 years in the media and entertainment industry. Jonathan is Emmy-Nominated and an active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

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