Josie Stoker

About Josie Stoker
  • CEO & Co-Founder, Capture

Made in Britain', Josie's spent the last 7 years in Asia, including time in Southeast Asia & Mongolia; where she worked alongside Indigenous communities to bring their knowledge to corporate leadership teams. Having seen first-hand the effects of climate change today, she became passionate about empowering people to transform from 'climate worriers into climate warriors'.

She's excited about the role technology can play in supporting everyday people in their ambitions to take climate action and brings diverse experience from B2B sales & consulting. Self-described as 'determinedly optimistic', she holds a BSc in Psychology (UCL) & a MSc Management. Previous work and research featured on Bloomberg & London Business School’s editorial review.


Deal Share Live: Empowering Green Solutions Towards a Climate-Safe Future

2020 06 10

It’s been estimated that there is $23 trillion worth of climate-smart investment opportunities that exist in emerging markets alone. This session provides an avenue to showcase 5 scalable climate mitigation solutions active in the South East and South Asian region.…Read More

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