Jufang Zhang

About Jufang Zhang
  • Founder and CEO, Capacity Building & Assessment Center
  • Member Website

As a senior facilitator, trainer and expert of NGO capacity building, Jufang has connections with a large variety of NGOs in China and has supported thousands of local and international NGOs to develop strategically. She leads a highly capable and vigorous team who has conducted more than 800 strategic trainings, organization evaluations and assessments both home and abroad.

During her 20+ years of career development, she has gained experience in media, training, women’s development and organizational capacity building, with a deep passion to address challenges facing peer NGOs and non-profit service sectors as well. She has represented Chinese NGOs at several international conferences and exchange programs sharing her experience with international colleagues.

She completed a year-long program in International Non-profit Organizations Management and Development at George Mason University, United States and holds a Master’s degree in Genetic Engineering from Gansu Agricultural University.

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