Kannan Gopalakrishnan

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Turnaround CEO. Angel Investor. Entrepreneur. Coach. Mentor. A man with many avatars, Kannan Gopalakrishnan is again in the midst of reinventing himself. Kannan, a talented marketer who made Adidas the numero uno brand in the challenging South-Asian market, and roped in cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar as its brand ambassador – is now seeking balance: One-third of his time doing commercial mentoring; one-third giving back to the community and one-third spending time with family, travelling and golf.

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  • Tiong Hui Yeo

    Tiong Hui Yeo

    Assistant Manager, Base of Pyramid (BoP) Innovation Lab Essilor International

  • Eve Gyimah

    Eve Gyimah

    Head of Asia Partnerships Action Aid International

  • Yoshitaka Ohara

    Yoshitaka Ohara

    Founder Habataku Inc.

  • Moutushi Sengupta

    Moutushi Sengupta

    Country Director MacArthur Foundation

  • Tristan Ace

    Tristan Ace

    Global Lead, Partnerships and Development, Social Enterprise and Creative and Inclusive Economies British Council

  • Ye Yunqi

    Ye Yunqi

    Deputy Secretary General Shunde Foundation for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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