Karyanto Wibowo

About Karyanto Wibowo
  • Director Sustainable Development in Indonesia, Danone

Danone Indonesia is a leading food & beverage company built on two businesses: Waters [Danone-AQUA] and Specialized Nutrition. Karyanto’s role is to drive collaboration to address Danone-AQUA’s main sustainability priorities, which is the environment. Managing the water cycle is a major challenge in Indonesia, and one where Danone-AQUA has been active for several years. It has developed a tool to reduce water consumption at the factory, while also aiming to return water safely to the environment, and protect the watersheds in partnership with the communities where it operates.

In 2016, Aqua signed a strategic partnership with an NGO, water.org, to expand its water access program in a more sustainable way. In parallel, it is working with local partners to organize collection and recovery of packaging with the goal of collecting more plastic than it generates in 2025 and launch the 1st bottle made from 100% recycle plastic. Early 2018, Danone-AQUA becomes the first fast moving consumer goods company (FMCG) in Indonesia to become a Certified B Corp®.

Karyanto Wibowo is also Advisory Board of PRAISE [Packaging & Recycling Alliance for Indonesia Sustainable Environment] and member of Sustainability Task Force of Eurocham Indonesia.


Building a stakeholder driven economy in Asia

27 Jun 2019

A new economy is shaping worldwide where socially conscious business leaders attach an equal, if not a higher, importance to being responsible for their stakeholders as shareholders. An economy driven by stakeholders, looping in employees, clients, investors, communities, and policymakers,…Read More

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