Katy Yung

About Katy Yung

Katy Yung is Managing Partner at HK-based Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFi) platform, advising and supporting family offices and investors on their sustainable and impact journeys. Katy is also Director of Investment at RS Group, a HK-based impact investor.

Since 2010, she led the family office’s transition from a traditional investment portfolio to one that is 100% sustainably invested. In this role, she is actively involved in designing impact and climate change strategies and implementation across asset classes (utilizing both investment and philanthropic capital).


Growing impact investing in North East Asia

27 Jun 2019

North East Asia, one of the most robust regions in Asia, comprising China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan, has seen a leapfrog in impact investment in recent years. This session will offer a multi-dimensional view into the space,…Read More


Identifying impact investment opportunities for investors in Asia

28 Jun 2019

Conference Delegates – Sign Up General Public – Sign Up Many accredited investors, family offices and private foundations are shifting more of their investment capital across all asset classes to businesses and funds that offer the potential of social and…Read More

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