Kevin Robbins

About Kevin Robbins

Kevin is the Team Leader for the ASEAN-focused, USAID-funded Regional Investment Support for Entrepreneurs (RISE) project and the Deputy Country Director for Swisscontact in Cambodia.

Through RISE, Kevin leads a lean, start-up style team to build, refine, and scale a multi-investor, multi-sector TA Facility. RISE provides pre- and post-investment business development services to companies introduced by its investor partners. Kevin’s work includes private sector partnerships and MSME development in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Uganda and his eighteen years of professional experience includes time with for-profits and non-profits in the U.S.

Kevin holds an M.A. in International Development with a focus on food security and social enterprise from George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.

What projects am I working on currently?

Currently working on the RISE Platform.

The Regional Investment Support for Entrepreneurs (RISE) Platform is a USAID funded, Swisscontact managed project that provides technical assistance (TA) to growth-oriented businesses in Southeast Asia. RISE aims to create impact for the base of the pyramid in the Southeast Asia region by providing inclusive technical assistance to businesses with high potential for positive social and environmental impact and by mitigating risk for investors.

Currently, RISE provides investment readiness and post-investment TA services for high impact enterprises through a pool of vetted consultants. Pre-investment support is designed to support SMEs as they work to become investment-ready and assist investors in building a pipeline of investees. Post-investment support is meant to help mitigate risks for investors and support more sustainable and resilient growth for high impact enterprises. It is also meant to help SMEs move from one round of funding to the next more successfully. RISE accesses full cost, general and specialized consultancies as well as pro and low bono options.

RISE currently operates in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, but hopes to expand to Laos PDR and Myanmar. RISE works with investors and companies in the following sectors: agriculture, digital solutions, energy, health, and water and sanitation.

What kind of expertise and resources am I looking for?

We are looking for new partners and donors to financially contribute to scaling the RISE Platform to other companies, sectors, and countries.

What expertise and resources can I offer to my collaborators?

Happy to share our learning related to launching and managing a standalone TA facility focused on impact in Southeast Asia.

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