Lawrence Ang

About Lawrence Ang

As a native of Manila and having been fortunate enough to work in various settings and cultures both in the Philippines and abroad, what inspires me is the opportunity to work with leaders and communities towards seeking solutions for the big sustainability challenges faced by the developing world today—all while representing my generation’s drive for novel approaches.

Having worked in technical and managerial positions in government, the academe, and the private sector, I have become fascinated and immersed with how sustainability at a global and local level has become a major strategic priority for the private sector. Specifically, I have taken a particular interest towards how this trend has radically influenced various industries, policy spheres, and the public’s imagination to think “out of the box” when it comes to sustainable development, and how such a trend is likely to shape public interaction and private competition in the new global economy.

Having recently been charged with managing the innovation program of one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies, I carry with me a passion and a unique insight for bringing both the public and private sector together towards capturing and creating new value for economies and societies that is aligned with the conservation and enhancement of the planet’s resources and the demand for competitiveness in an increasingly inter-connected world.

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