Ayu Chuepa

About Ayu Chuepa
  • founder, Akha Ama Coffee

Lee Ayu Chuepa was born on 14 September 1985 in Akha indigenous family at Maejantai, Maesoi, Chiang Rai province. His birthday was documented 1st January 1985 as official birthday because he has no birth certificate and 15 year addressed as stateless person at least on schooling certificates. He earned degree at Chiangrai Rajabhat University and graduated from English Studies programme. He started a job at Child’s Dream Foundation as intern to support charitable projects and became full time staff at the same organization after 3 months of internship.

He planned Akha Ama as social enterprise in 2009 and started his social business since 2010 with the support of Social Entrepreneurship Grant of Child’s Dream Foundation and a2b philanthropy for his 3 years business plan.

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