Leena Dandekar

About Leena Dandekar

Leena Dandekar is a dynamic entrepreneur and philanthropist. Previously, Leena has served as an Executive Director and Promotor in the Camlin Group and has been involved in strategy formulation and business development.

Leena set up the Raintree Family Office in 2017 to manage the family’s commercial investments in a responsible and sustainable manner. This was done by creating a diverse, robust and balanced portfolio following ESG guidelines.

With a focus on impact investments and catalytic philanthropy to deliver the social impact agenda of the family, Leena set up two affiliates to the Raintree Family Office - Raintree Ventures and Raintree Foundation.

Raintree Ventures has been set up to make impact investments in for-profit social enterprises that are aiming to address specific social and environmental needs, using innovative models to deliver maximum impact.

Raintree Foundation focuses on catalytic philanthropy, which compounds financial grants along with knowledge sharing partnerships and thought leadership to amplify impact in three areas of development: integrated rural development, mental health and disability rights.

Leena is passionate about everything she does, backed by a strong value system and an ethos of leading from the front. She believes in the impact philosophy of having the head and heart work together to maximize outcomes.

Leena holds a BA (Economics), MMS (Finance) and LLB from University of Mumbai.


Supporting family offices to invest for impact

26 Jun 2019

Asia Pacific high net worth assets have been growing at a rapid pace. Specifically, family offices in Asia are outperforming their peers, most recently reporting an average of 16.4% portfolio return on investment, compared to the global average of 15.5%…Read More

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