Lynn Lau

About Lynn Lau
  • Managing Director and CFO, SIN Capital, Fullerton Health Foundation
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Lynn Lau is a Managing Director and CFO of SIN Capital, and also executive director of Fullerton Health Foundation, part of Fullerton Health Group, which is a portfolio company of SIN Capital.

At Fullerton Health Foundation, Lynn has extended the Corporate Social Responsibility work with 20 villages in Indonesia to piloting programs in partnership with government, NGOs and clients to support the fight against tuberculosis, a national public health concern in Indonesia. She is also leading SIN Capital’s partnership with The Global Fund to raise a Healthcare Impact Fund. Prior to SIN Capital, Lynn was the APAC Head of Finance & Planning at AIG Singapore, and also Chair of the employee-led DisAbilities & Allies Group to promote equal access to people of different abilities. AIG is a founding member of the Singapore Business Network on DisAbility.

Lynn has an MBA from London Business School and is also an alumni of Nanyang Technological University.

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